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Posted on: August 3, 2010 8:21 pm

Getting onboard the Tebow brandwagon

If you’re like a lot of football fans, you’re likely rooting against Tim Tebow. It’s ok, I used to be one of you. But not anymore.

Everybody has their own reason(s). Undoubtedly you might have become nauseated by the constant coverage over the past four years, telling you how great a person Tebow is. Just ask Tom Brennaman. Or perhaps your favorite school had to compete with Tebow’s Gators over the last four years. That’s where I fit. As a University of Miami alumnus, I don’t root for anything Gators out of principle.

That’s about to change. And it should for the rest of you Tebow haters, too.

With news recently of Tim Tebow’s endorsement deal with Jockey, you should be encouraged. Because this could be a step in the transformation of the future athlete.

Knuckleheads have taken over sports, football and basketball have been especially inflicted. And what can be done to stop it? Sicking Roger Goodell on everybody isn’t the answer, I guarantee you that.

Instead, if you’re the commish, you hope for Tebow’s success. You hope for more endorsements to come his way, for ESPN to shove him down your throats while creating legions of fans. You hope his brand goes to levels LeBron James could only dream of.

Because maybe, just maybe, some young, impressionable athletes could come to the realization. If you want to become a true superstar that transcends sports, the route is to be more like Tim Tebow and less like Lawrence Taylor.

Tebow is well on his way to reaching this level. He’s already a household name from his Florida days and his reputation in the Christian community. But if he can have the biggest brand in sports, then we might be onto something here.

Obviously there’s a major if in play. It’s largely dependent on if Tim Tebow becomes a star in this league, a regular Pro-Bowler. Some level of success is required, too. But he has already proven that his brand is strong without proving a thing at the NFL level with this Jockey endorsement and the fact that his jersey is already the highest selling in the league.

And you can bet there will be more endorsements and Super Bowl commercials to come. This was only the start.

And hopefully it was only the start of a trend in professional athletes and the way they carry themselves.

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